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cages we use

While we are definitely known for free flying our parrots and believing in giving your birds some freedom, we are also major proponents of allowing our birds to have their own spaces to live and catch some down time. However, this means finding caging that fits their needs and providing lots of space for foraging and fun!

Our indoor setups


The 5x8's

We don't exactly have the traditional cages that people are used when it comes to indoor options. Instead we utilize indoor aviaries! These are 5x8s by Custom Cages that we made a lot of personal alterations to including putting them on wheels. While sold as outdoor aviaries we use them as an indoor/outdoor combo.

Our outdoor setups


The 14 footer

This is our big outdoor aviary and my personal favorite of the bunch. Made by Corners Limited, this 14' diameter is perfect for any of my medium to large flock members. Different stands, nets, ropes, and perches do need to be personally added.
If you are wanting something that your birds will love and get plenty of exercise in, this is it!

Our Travel setups

52048450593_e700aa4fd7_o (1).jpg

Birdtricks x ibiyaya

The TrackPack is the PERFECT small to medium size bird travel backpack - we know because we helped design it!
Ibiyaya, a maker of amazing and high quality pet carriers, reached out to us to collaborate on making the best bird backpack possible, and that's what we did.

Check out the TrackPack today! Adventure awaits!

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